Australian Made Dining Table

Australian Made Dining Tables Melbourne

Australian made dining tables Melbourne are more than just furniture; they are a statement of quality, craftsmanship, and heritage. At Lumber Furniture, we take pride in sourcing Australian timber from local merchants and mills across Victoria. Our founders, Angelique and Matt, have a passion for timber, especially reclaimed timber from demolition sites. The journey of transforming raw timber into a stunning timber dining table is a fascinating process that involves precision machinery, skilled craftsmanship, and a love for the craft.

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Sourcing the Timber:

Angelique and Matt love the adventure of sourcing timber from various sources across Victoria. They believe that Australian timber has a unique character and story that adds to the beauty of each dining table. Whether it's a beautiful piece of hardwood from a local timber mill or reclaimed timber with a history, every piece has its own charm.

Crafting The Timber Dining Table

Once the timber is sourced, it goes through a series of processes at Lumber Furniture's workshop. The timber is first processed through machinery like a thicknesser and rip saw to prepare it for joinery. The joinery process is crucial, as it determines the strength and durability of the table. Skilled craftsmen meticulously assemble the table top, ensuring that each joint is perfect.

Finishing Touches:

After the table top is assembled, it goes through the sanding process to achieve a smooth finish. Hand sanding is also done to ensure that every inch of the table is perfect. The table is then ready for the finishing touches, which include resin filling, sanding again, and finally, oiling. This process brings out the natural beauty of the timber, giving it a rich, warm glow that is characteristic of Australian hardwood.

The Final Product:

The finished dining table is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, ready to be the focal point of any home. It's not just a piece of furniture; it's a piece of art that will be cherished for generations. It's where friends and family gather to enjoy delicious meals and create lasting memories.

Australian made dining tables in Melbourne are more than just furniture; they are a testament to the passion, craftsmanship, and love for timber. At Lumber Furniture, we are proud to create these beautiful pieces that will be treasured for years to come. Experience the beauty of Australian timber in your home with our exquisite dining tables.

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