American Black Walnut Empire Pedestal Base Dining Table

Crafting A Pedestal Dining Table Rectangular!

Crafting Dreams in American Black Walnut

Imagine walking into your dream home, with every corner reflecting your style and personality. This was the journey Cath and Allan had embarked upon. 

Central to our client Cath and Allan's vision was a stunning pedestal dining table rectangular shape in American Black Walnut that would not only serve as a gathering place but also a statement piece, a symbol of their journey and shared moments.

A Meeting of Minds and Timber

Allan and Cath's journey led them to Lumber Furniture, where they met with Matt to bring their dream table to life.

They had a clear vision—a large American Black Walnut Dining Table, rectangular in shape, with a pedestal base, measuring approximately 1.2m wide by 3.3m long. They also wanted a 10 degree angled edge.

Matt, with his keen eye for design and craftsmanship, immediately knew the perfect base for their table—the Empire base, designed precisely for this purpose. A solid metal loop leg 700mm wide and 1000mm long x 16mm steel with rounded corners. 

A Personal Touch

What set Allan and Cath's experience apart was Allan's interest in woodworking. He asked Matt if he could be involved in the process, to which Matt enthusiastically agreed.

Allan was keen to be a part of crafting his own table, so Matt sourced magnificent 400mm wide American Black Walnut boards for them.

American Black Walnut timber boards

Allan even had the opportunity to run the boards through Lumber's new double-sided planer, a process he thoroughly enjoyed.

Matt's decision to involve Allan not only made the process more personal but also created a lasting bond between craftsman and client.

The Arrival of the Masterpiece

After weeks of anticipation, Allan and Cath's custom Empire Dining Table in American Black Walnut, measuring 1.3m by 3.2m, was finally delivered to their home.

The table, with its exquisite craftsmanship and unique design, exceeded their expectations.

Allan was quick to praise the quality, stating, "Excellent quality from Matt and the team at Lumber Furniture. I highly recommend Lumber Furniture."

Cath echoed his sentiments, describing the table as "the epitome of master craftsmanship," a true masterpiece that they were excited to use and cherish for years to come.

Empire Dining Table American Black Walnut

Capturing the Essence of Custom Craftsmanship

Allan and Cath's story is a testament to the power of custom craftsmanship. It's not just about creating furniture; it's about building memories, forging relationships, and bringing dreams to life.

At Lumber Furniture, we take pride in every piece we create, knowing that it's not just furniture—it's a part of someone's story.

Advantages of a Rectangle Pedestal Dining Table

- Space Efficiency: Rectangular tables are space-efficient, allowing for more seating compared to round tables of similar dimensions. The Pedestal Empire Base doesn't interfere with seating. 
- Versatility: They fit well in various dining room sizes and can be easily paired with different chair styles.
- Stability: Pedestal bases offer stability and support particularly the Empire which is around 350kgs. 
- Aesthetic Appeal: The sleek, elongated design of rectangular tables adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any dining space.

Characteristics of American Black Walnut Timber

- Colour: Rich chocolate brown with lighter streaks, darkening over time to a deep, lustrous patina.
- Grain: Straight, with occasional waves or curls, adding to its natural beauty.
- Durability: Hardwood with excellent dimensional stability and resistance to decay.
- Workability: Easy to work with, allowing for intricate designs and smooth finishes.
- Popularity: Highly sought-after for its beauty and versatility, often used in high-end furniture and interior design.

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