How To Style A Timber Dining Table

How To Style A Timber Dining Table

Styling your dining table 

Our clients over the years have sent us gorgeous photos of their styled dining tables, inspiring us to share some creative and easy-to-implement ideas with you.

Whether you're hosting a dinner party or simply want to elevate your everyday meals, these dining table styling ideas will help you create a stunning table setting that will impress your guests.

Choose a Theme

Start by choosing a theme for your table setting. Whether it's a seasonal theme, a formal dinner, or a casual gathering, having a theme will help you narrow down your options and create a cohesive look.

An example here is from our client Annie of her Easter Table Setting 

Easter Timber Dining Table

Select the Right Tableware

The key to a beautifully styled dining table is selecting the right tableware.

Choose plates, napkins, and placemats that complement each other and fit the theme of your table setting.

Here is Annie's table every day table setting.

Dining Table Setting

Add Layers and Textures

Layering your table with different textures can add depth and visual interest to your table setting. Mix and match tablecloths, runners, and napkins to create a dynamic look.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Bring the outdoors in by incorporating natural elements into your table setting. Use fresh flowers, greenery, or even branches to add a touch of nature to your dining table.

Create a Centrepiece

A centrepiece can be the focal point of your table setting. Whether it's a floral arrangement, a candle display, or a collection of decorative objects, choose something that suits the theme and style of your table setting.

Have look at this beautiful Christmas Table Setting. 

Christmas Dining Table Setting


Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood for your dining experience. Consider using candles or fairy lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Styling your dining table is a creative and enjoyable process that can elevate your dining experience.

By following these dining table styling ideas, you can create a stunning table setting that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

So, gather your favourite tableware, get creative, and enjoy the process of styling your dining table!



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