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Live Edge Dining Table: A Masterpiece of Nature and Craftsmanship

Crafting the Perfect Timber Dining Table: A Story of Passion and Expertise

Building a live edge dining table is more than just creating furniture. It’s an experience that connects you with the raw beauty of nature.

At Lumber Furniture, we transform timber slabs into stunning dining tables that become the heart of your home.

This is the story of how we crafted a magnificent Blackbutt live edge dining table for our client Nadine, and the meticulous process involved.

The Journey Begins: Understanding the Vision

When Nadine approached us, she had a clear vision. She wanted a large, impressive dining table. The brief was specific: a Blackbutt timber slab dining table, measuring 1.6m wide and 3.6m long.

Finding a tree that wide is rare, especially in Blackbutt. But we love a challenge.

Sourcing the Perfect Timber. Finding the Ideal Slab

Matt, our dedicated craftsman, set out to find the perfect timber slab. He explored various sources, determined to find a slab that would meet Nadine’s specifications.

The option was to join two slabs seamlessly, creating a flawless, large surface.

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Live Edge Dining Table Lumber Furniture

Crafting with Precision. The Art of Flattening and Joining

Creating a live edge timber slab dining table is an art form. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of our process:

1. Selection:  Choose the perfect timber slab, ensuring it meets size and quality requirements.
2. Flattening: Use a planer and sander to flatten the slab, creating a smooth surface.
3. Joining: Seamlessly join two slabs if necessary, using specialised techniques for an invisible join.
4. Resin Filling: Fill any cracks or imperfections with resin, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood.
5. Sanding: Sand the surface to a fine finish, preparing it for sealing.
6. Sealing: Apply a high-quality finish to protect the wood and enhance its natural grains.

Bringing the Vision to Life

Matt worked tirelessly on Nadine’s table. Each step was executed with precision and care, ensuring the table would not only meet but exceed expectations. The result was a stunning Blackbutt live edge dining table, a true masterpiece.

Live Edge Dining Table Lumber Furniture

The Final Touch: A Stunning Centrepiece

Nadine’s Review: A Testament to Quality

Nadine was thrilled with her table. Here’s what she had to say:

"My favourite piece of furniture I have ever owned. Matt worked tirelessly to make the perfect piece for our new home. His customer service was above and beyond. The table is solid and sturdy and a stunning addition to our dining room. It is of high quality and a beautiful design making it a focal point of our dining space. Everyone that walks in comments on it. Can’t recommend Lumber Furniture enough."

Blackbutt Live Edge Dining Table Lumber Furniture

The Beauty of Live Edge Tables

Why Choose a Live Edge Dining Table?

Live edge dining tables capture the essence of nature. Each table is unique, with its own story told through the grain and edges of the wood. They are perfect for those who appreciate the natural beauty and character of timber.

Our Craftsmanship: An Art Form Creating Timeless Pieces 

At Lumber Furniture, we love creating live edge dining tables from timber slabs. It takes a true artisan to flatten, join, resin, and finish these wow-factor tables. Here’s why our tables stand out:

- Expert Craftsmanship: Our team has years of experience and a passion for woodworking.
- Quality Materials: We use only the finest timber slabs, ensuring durability and beauty.
- Attention to Detail: Every step of the process is executed with precision and care.
- Custom Designs: Each table is tailored to meet our clients’ unique specifications.

The Emotional Connection. Furniture with a Story

Our tables are not just pieces of furniture. They are works of art with a story.

Each live edge dining table we create is a testament to our dedication and love for what we do.

We take pride in knowing our tables become the centrepiece of our clients’ homes, where countless memories are made.

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Conclusion: A Piece of Art for Your Home

Experience the Beauty of Timber

There’s nothing quite like a live edge timber slab dining table. It’s a piece of art that brings nature into your home, creating a warm and inviting space.

At Lumber Furniture, we are passionate about crafting beautiful, high-quality tables that our clients will love.

Experience the beauty of timber and let us create a custom-made piece for your home.

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