Solid Timber Island Bench for the Kitchen, Office or Cafe

Solid Timber Island Bench for the Kitchen, Office or Cafe

The Perfect Island Bench for Any Space

At Lumber Furniture, our journey began with a simple, yet transformative creation: the custom Island Bench.

What started as Matt's Benches in 2013 quickly evolved into a thriving business. When we introduced dining tables to our range, we rebranded as Lumber Furniture.

Today, our solid timber custom-made Island Benches remain a staple product, cherished for their versatility and craftsmanship.

Bespoke Island Bench Lumber Furniture

Why Choose a Freestanding Island Bench?

A freestanding island bench is a fantastic addition to any home, especially townhouses, small houses, or apartments. Here’s why:

1. Maximise Space: In smaller kitchens, bench space is often limited. An island bench provides additional workspace and storage.

Bespoke Island Bench Reclaimed timber Lumber Furniture

2. Versatility: Use it as a prep area, dining spot, or casual seating. Its mobility allows for flexible placement.
3. Stylish and Functional: A well-crafted island bench enhances the kitchen's aesthetic while adding functionality.

Perfect for Office Spaces

Our island benches are not just for homes. They make excellent meeting tables and communal benches for offices.

1. Meeting Table: Perfect for team meetings, collaborative work, or as a casual break area.

Try these ideas for styling your Island Bench. 

Bespoke Island Bench Office Table

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2. Communal Space: Encourages interaction and creates a communal atmosphere, fostering better teamwork.
3. Flexible Design: Our benches can be customised to fit your office space and needs.

Communal Island Bench for Office Space

Ideal for Cafés

Cafés can benefit greatly from our island benches:

1. Communal Seating: Provides a casual, social environment for patrons.

Cafe Meeting Bench Communal

2. Versatile Use: Can be used for dining, working, or socialising.
3. Customisable Design: Tailored to match the café's decor and space.

Customisation Options

Our Bespoke Island Bench and Artisan Island Bench offer numerous customisation options:

1. Timber Choice: Select from a variety of premium timbers.

2. Size: Customise the size to fit your space perfectly.
3. Castors: Choose between having castors or no castors. We offer premium black lockable castors for added mobility and stability.

The Origin of Our Island Bench

The idea for our island bench came from a personal need. Living in a townhouse with a one-wall kitchen and no bench space, Matt designed an island bench for us from recycled floorboards and a metal frame.

It was a game-changer. This innovative solution led us to create these benches in various sizes, which quickly became a popular seller.

Bespoke Island Bench Lumber Furniture

Explore Our Island Benches

Discover our Bespoke Island Bench and our Artisan Island Bench 

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At Lumber Furniture, we are passionate about creating beautiful, functional pieces that enhance your space.

Our solid timber custom-made island benches are a testament to our craftsmanship and commitment to quality.

Whether for your kitchen, office, or café, our island benches are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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