Square Coffee Tables

Square Coffee Tables

A lot can happen at the table with a cup of coffee

It has been a long time since you’d have hosted an in-house get-together with your friends over a cup of coffee and enjoyed building the gossip castles! And who knows how this eye-catching coffee table is holding up inside your home. Soon, you’d get a chance to flaunt your home uniquely, reflecting every bit of your personality through its decor. Now when staying indoors has become a necessity even just for a coffee.

It is the age of Instagram where we strive to create a perfect world virtually with stunning filters. So, why not create an Instagram-worthy real world and strike a beautiful balance between stylish and functional when it comes to home décor? 

A timeless way to adorn a coffee table is with fresh flowers, books, magazines, coasters, and a tray. In fact, a good tray is one of the most underrated coffee table essentials. Trays keep things organized on the coffee table, be it books, candles, or other objects, so make sure to invest in the best in the business with Lumber Furniture’s coffee table.

Within the complete range of Wood finishes, we offer a rich & natural finish in wooden & Semi-Glossy, smooth surfaces. This is an ideal product to enhance your living and dining room and the wooden pieces that complement it. It is a beautiful blend of quality and safety, perfect for health-conscious consumers! No matter indoor or outdoor it fits in all places just perfectly.

A little greenery goes a long way, so if you like greenery, you can bring them indoors by keeping a bonsai or a succulent like pencil cacti or branches of plants like cherry blossoms or eucalyptus on the coffee table. Set it right in the center for an organic and fuss-free way to infuse life into a space. If you fancy vintage pieces, you can place an antique lantern that looks visually appealing and is functional too. You can create an ensemble with candlesticks for a lovely sensory appeal. Furthermore, candlesticks add dimension to a flat surface, making it a good idea to display them on a coffee table.

It’s good to be home after a hectic day! It’s a wonderful feeling to be in a personalized, cozy, calming nest inside a home with family.

Or be it staying indoors! Staying online! These two must-haves of pandemics have brought so much chaos inside our homes that we find solace only in good times with family.

The must-have thing in both scenarios is a cup of coffee. What goes best with a coffee? Another cup. And the delight is maximum when it is set it up with our Square Coffee Table

Minimalistic, functional, stylish, cost-effective, & sustainable; are the traits that define the modern interior. So, there is absolutely no reason to not go for the coffee table.

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