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The Art of Creating Custom Timber Furniture at Lumber Furniture

Crafting Masterpieces

At Lumber Furniture, we take immense pride in our commitment to crafting high-quality custom timber furniture.

Our passion for furniture making is evident in every piece we create, from elegant wooden dining tables to unique custom timber furniture that enhances the beauty of any space.

Each step in our meticulous process is vital to ensuring the excellence and durability of our products. Behind every piece of furniture is a team of skilled artisans dedicated to their craft, transforming raw timber into timeless masterpieces.

Time Required for Each Step for a 3 metre long table top:

  • Dominoes: 1 hour
  • Glue and Clamp: 30 minutes
  • Resin:  2 hours each side
  • Sanding: 30 minutes each side
  • Bogging: 1 hour each side
  • Oil: Requires 3 coats on each side - Each coat takes 30 minutes

Tokyo Dining Table Lumber Furniture custom timber furniture

1. Selecting and Preparing the Timber

De-nailing Recycled Timber

Using recycled timber is an integral part of our process. Not only is it an environmentally conscious choice, but it also adds character and history to our furniture.

recycled timber Lumber Furniture

Recycled timber often comes with nails and other debris, which need to be meticulously removed. Our craftsmen carefully de-nail the timber, ensuring it is clean and ready for use. In most cases each board will contain 50 nails.

This step is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the wood and preparing it for the next stages of production. Its also important the timber doesn't go through our machines with the nails in it. 

2. Initial Processing of Timber 

Padding Boards Through the Double-Sided Planer

The planing process begins with padding the boards through a double-sided planer.

Double Sided Planer Lumber Furniture

This machine ensures that the timber achieves uniform thickness and smooth surfaces on both sides.

Planing is essential for creating a solid foundation for further processing and ensures that each piece of timber is consistent in thickness, contributing to the overall quality of the finished product.

Thicknessing Timber

Achieving the correct thickness for each project is a critical step in our process.

Our craftsmen use precision tools to thickness the timber, ensuring it meets the specific requirements of the design. This step requires a keen eye for detail and a thorough understanding of the material to ensure the timber is prepared to perfection.

Thicknessing timber Lumber Furniture

Planing Timber

The final planing step involves achieving a smooth, even surface on the timber. Our artisans use their expertise to perform this task with precision, ensuring that the timber is free from any imperfections.

The skill and experience required for this step are paramount in delivering the high standards we are known for.

Planing Timber Lumber Furiture

3. Selecting and Joining Timber Boards

Choosing Aesthetically Pleasing Boards

Selecting the right boards for each piece is both an art and a science. Our craftsmen consider various criteria, including grain pattern, colour, and texture, to ensure the boards are aesthetically pleasing and match the design vision.

This eye for detail and artistry is what sets our furniture apart, creating pieces that are not only functional but also visually stunning.

Joining Timber Boards Using Dominoes, Biscuits and clamps

Strong and seamless joins are essential for the durability and aesthetics of our furniture.

We use joinery techniques such as dominoes or biscuits to achieve this. These methods ensure that the boards are securely bonded, creating a stable and durable structure.

The importance of this step cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts the longevity and integrity of the finished piece.

Lumber Furniture Dominoes
Gluing and Clamping Timber Boards


Gluing the Boards Gluing is a critical step in the process of joining timber boards.

We use high-quality wood glue to ensure a strong bond between the boards. Our craftsmen carefully apply the glue to each edge, ensuring even coverage. The precision in this step is essential for creating a seamless join that will withstand the test of time.

Clamping the Boards Once the glue is applied, the boards are clamped together to set.

Clamping the Boards Lumber Furniture

Clamping ensures that the boards remain in place while the glue dries, creating a strong and durable bond.

We use various types of clamps to apply even pressure across the entire surface, preventing any gaps or misalignment. This step is crucial for ensuring the stability and integrity of the final piece.

4. Refining and Perfecting the Timber

Resining Timber Voids

Resining is a technique used to fill voids and enhance the appearance of the timber.

By carefully applying resin to imperfections, our craftsmen create a flawless finish that highlights the natural beauty of the wood.

Resin work Lumber Furniture

This step not only improves the aesthetics but also strengthens the timber, making it more resilient and durable.

Sanding Joined Timber Boards Through the SCM Sander

Sanding is a crucial step in achieving a smooth and even surface. We use an SCM sander to sand the joined timber boards, ensuring a consistent finish.

This machine helps in removing any rough spots and preparing the timber for the final stages of finishing.

The quality of the sanding process directly affects the look and feel of the finished product.

SCM Sander Lumber Furniture

Bogging the Boards to Fill Voids

Bogging is the process of filling any remaining voids in the timber.

Bogged Table Top Lumber Furniture

This step ensures that the surface is perfectly smooth and ready for final sanding.

Our craftsmen use high-quality bogging materials to achieve a seamless finish, paying attention to every detail to ensure the timber is flawless.

5. Finishing Touches

Hand Sanding the Panels

Hand sanding is an essential step in achieving a perfect finish. Our artisans carefully hand sand each panel, ensuring that every surface is smooth and even.

Sanding table top Lumber Furniture

This process requires skill and patience, as it involves refining the timber to the highest standards. The craftsmanship and attention to detail involved in hand sanding are what make our furniture stand out.

Trimming Panels Through the Altendorf Saw

Precision trimming is necessary for perfect dimensions. We use the Altendorf saw to trim the panels, ensuring that each piece fits together seamlessly.

This step is crucial for the overall structure and appearance of the furniture, as it ensures that all components are accurately sized and aligned.

Oiling the Boards

Oiling is the final step in the finishing process. It enhances the natural beauty of the timber and provides protection against wear and tear.

Our craftsmen use high-quality oils to treat the boards, bringing out the rich colours and grain patterns of the wood. This step not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also ensures the longevity of the furniture.

6. Final Quality Control

Final Quality Control Checks

Quality control is the last but most important step in our process.

Each piece of furniture undergoes a meticulous inspection to ensure it meets our high standards.

Our team checks for any imperfections and ensures that the furniture is perfect before it leaves our workshop.

This dedication to quality guarantees that every piece of custom timber furniture from Lumber Furniture is a masterpiece.

Timber Table Top Lumber Furniture

Creating custom timber furniture is an art that requires skill, dedication, and attention to detail.

At Lumber Furniture, we take pride in our meticulous process and the craftsmanship of our team.

From selecting and preparing the timber to the final quality control checks, every step is executed with precision and care.

We invite you to visit our factory or explore our products online to see the results of our efforts.

Experience the beauty and quality of our custom timber furniture and discover why we are leaders in the field. 

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