American Black Walnut Coffee Table

The Elegance of American Black Walnut

The Elegance of American Black Walnut: Creating Custom Furniture for Susanne and Mark

At Lumber Furniture, we pride ourselves on crafting custom pieces that blend functionality, beauty, and durability.

We had the pleasure of working with Susanne and Mark, creating several exquisite pieces for their home in Brighton, VIC. Using American Black Walnut, we crafted the Allegre Dining Table, a Nordic Console Table, a Soho TV Unit, and a Waterfall Office Desk.

This blog will take you through the meticulous process of creating these pieces, the benefits of using American Black Walnut, and styling tips for incorporating this stunning timber into your home decor.

The Allegre Dining Table

- Timber: American Black Walnut
- Thickness: 4-4.2 cm thick
- Mounted onto: U-shaped Timber Legs
- Size: 1.2m W x 2.9m L x 76cm H


American Black Walnut Dining Table Lumber Furniture

The Allegre Dining Table is a testament to the timeless beauty and strength of American Black Walnut. The rich, dark tones of the timber create a stunning centrepiece for any dining room, combining both elegance and practicality.

Crafting the Allegre Dining Table

1. Selecting the Timber:
The first step was selecting premium American Black Walnut boards. This timber is renowned for its fine, straight grain and rich, dark chocolate colour, which can vary from light to dark brown.

2. Thicknessing and Planing:
The selected boards were thicknessed to 4-4.2 cm, ensuring a uniform and smooth surface. This process highlights the natural beauty of the timber.

3. Joining the Boards:
The boards were joined using dominoes to ensure strong, seamless connections. This step is crucial for the table's durability and aesthetic appeal.

4. Resining and Sanding:
Any voids in the timber were filled with resin, followed by sanding to create a smooth, even surface.

5. Constructing the Legs:
The U-shaped timber legs were crafted to provide sturdy support while complementing the table's design.

6. Final Finishing:
The table was hand-sanded, oiled with three coats for protection, and underwent final quality control checks to ensure perfection.

Benefits of American Black Walnut

American Black Walnut is a superior choice for furniture for several reasons:

- Aesthetic Appeal: Its deep, rich color and intricate grain patterns make it visually stunning.
- Durability: Black Walnut is a dense, strong hardwood that can withstand daily use while maintaining its beauty.
- Versatility: Its classic look complements various design styles, from traditional to modern.
- Workability: It is relatively easy to work with, allowing for precise cuts and finishes.

Styling Tips for an American Black Walnut Dining Table

Choosing the Right Elements

Now that your table is almost ready, it’s time to think about decorating the dining area. Here are some elements to consider:

- Painting: A beautiful painting can set the tone for your dining space. Consider pieces from local artists or look for options that complement the wood’s colour. We just love Lionia Artist
- Chairs: Comfort and style are key. Look for chairs that match your table’s aesthetic. A Black Dining Chair is a good option.  Check out our chair options 

- Centrepiece: A stunning centrepiece can be the focal point of your table. Think about seasonal flowers, a stylish bowl, or an elegant candle arrangement.

Try these Centrepiece ideas Glazed Ceramic Bowl, Large Decorative Bowl, Glazed White Ceramic Bowl , Clear Glass Ribbed Vase and this size Clear Glass Ribbed Vase , Dried Flowers and this dining table deco including 100% Cotton Place mats

- Dinnerware: Choose dinnerware that complements the wood and overall theme of your dining area. Simple, classic designs often work best.

Stunning Ceramic Blue Dinner Plates,  Ceramic Blue Soup Bowls with handlesCeramic Blue Dessert Bowls

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The Nordic Console Table

- Size: 2m L x 35cm deep x 90cm high

Nordic Console Lumber Furniture

The Nordic Console Table is a sleek, minimalist piece that showcases the beauty of American Black Walnut. Its simple lines and functional design make it a versatile addition to any room.

Crafting the Nordic Console Table
1. Timber Selection and Preparation:
As with the Allegre Dining Table, the process began with selecting high-quality American Black Walnut. The timber was then thicknessed and planed to ensure a smooth, even surface.

2. Constructing the Frame:
The frame of the console table was carefully constructed to ensure stability and durability. Precision is key in this step to create clean lines and a seamless finish.

3. Joining and Sanding:
The joints were reinforced using biscuits for added strength, followed by sanding to create a smooth, even surface.

4. Finishing Touches:
The table was hand-sanded and oiled with three coats to protect the timber and enhance its natural beauty. Final quality checks were performed to ensure the piece met our high standards.

Styling Tips for an American Black Walnut Console Table

Vase: A vase with fresh flowers or greenery can add a pop of colour and freshness. Take a look at this vase option from Amazon or

Mirror or Painting: Placing a mirror or a painting above your console table can create a focal point and add visual interest to the space.

Beautiful Books: Stack some beautiful books on your console table to add height and texture. You can also use books as a base for other accessories. Some gorgeous options to look at are or

Vessel: A decorative vessel, such as a bowl or a tray, can be used to hold keys, loose change, or other small items. I just love this piece

Sculpture: A sculpture or a figurine can add a touch of elegance and personality. We love these sculptures found on Amazon and the freight is super quick, super cute. Or these lovely African Sculptures

The Soho TV Unit

- Timber: American Black Walnut
- Configuration: Cupboard, Cupboard, Half open section/Half drawer, Cupboard, Cupboard
- Size: 2.4m L x 45cm deep x 65cm H
- Legs: Metal loop legs powder-coated Mannex black

The Soho TV Unit is a functional and stylish piece that offers ample storage while enhancing the aesthetic of your living room. Its sleek design and rich walnut finish make it a standout piece.

Soho Entertainment Unit Lumber Furniture

Crafting the Soho TV Unit

1. Timber Selection and Preparation:
High-quality American Black Walnut boards were selected and thicknessed to ensure a smooth, even surface.

2. Constructing the Frame:
The frame was carefully constructed to provide a sturdy foundation. This involved precise cutting and joining of the boards.

3. Creating the Storage Configuration:
The storage compartments were crafted with attention to detail, ensuring each cupboard and drawer was perfectly aligned and functional.

4. Sanding and Finishing:
The unit was sanded to a smooth finish, oiled with three coats to protect the timber, and mounted onto metal loop legs powder-coated in Mannix black for a modern touch.

5. Final Quality Control:
The TV unit underwent thorough quality checks to ensure it met our high standards of craftsmanship.

The Waterfall Office Desk

- Size: 74cm W x 1.8m L x 72cm H

The Waterfall Office Desk is a statement piece that combines functionality with the stunning beauty of American Black Walnut. Its sleek design and ample workspace make it perfect for a home office.

Waterfall Desk American Black Walnut

Styling Tips for an American Black Walnut Office Desk

Keep It Clutter-Free

A tidy desk is essential for productivity. Use organisers and storage solutions to keep your workspace clean and free of distractions. Our desks with drawers are perfect for this.

Add Personal Touches

Personalise your desk with items that inspire you. Whether it's a family photo, a piece of art, or a favourite plant, make your space uniquely yours.

Use Quality Accessories

Enhance your desk with quality accessories. Consider adding a stylish mouse pad. Don't forget a portable charger for your iPhone to keep your devices powered throughout the day.

Lighting Matters

Good lighting is crucial. Position your desk near a window for natural light, or add a desk lamp that provides adequate illumination without causing glare on your screens.

Ergonomic Chair

Pair your custom desk with an ergonomic chair. A comfortable chair supports good posture and reduces the risk of back pain during long work hours.

Delivery to Brighton, VIC

Delivering the finished pieces to Susanne and Mark in Brighton, VIC, was the final step in this project.

Ensuring that each piece arrived in perfect condition and was set up correctly in their home was crucial. Our team carefully transported and installed the furniture, making sure that every detail was just right. 

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