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Wormy Chestnut Dining Table

Wormy Chestnut Dining Table

Wormy Chestnut Dining Table

If you are looking for ÔWow Factor" piece that you will love and others will envy, a piece with a lot of character, Wormy Chestnut is for you.

Wormy Chestnut timber produces characteristics that ensure that no two pieces are alike.Ê Features are brought to life in this stunning dining table to create a beautiful piece.

It has a colour variation from dark blondes to light browns, is quite easy to work with and is durable.Ê All this gives Wormy Chestnut timber a dynamic character which makes every finished piece a one of a kind.

Table in photo is the Wormy Chestnut Artisan metal base, however this timber can be mounted onto any one of our bases.


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